Only the first 500 UNITS

PRE-ORDER for 600€





        · Special Labelling 0-500: First Production Units

        · Third-party insurance 1 year free

        · 3 years- Guarantee

        · 3 years Maintenance

        · Connectivity via SIM-APP 3 years free

        · Merchandising: Silence helmet and T-shirt

        RRP S01 5.995€ * VAT included.

        * Offer only available in the Spanish Market

        RRP S01 for other European countries 6.600€ * VAT included.

        A1 – B


        115 km

        100 km/h





        Homologated L3e, WMTC


        0-50 km/h

        Features like 250 cc

        A1 – B




        215 km


        Homologated EURO IV

        90 km/h



        0-50 km/h

        Features like 250 cc

        Remote ignition of the vehicle
        through the APP

        Digital speedometer

        LED lighting
        and daytime lights

        3 driving modes
        and reverse gear

        Driver and passenger
        wide seat

        Remote seat opening
        through the app

        Capacity for two helmets
        under the seat

        Removable battery system
        like a trolley – European patent


        Your S01 on your mobile

        Everything under control

        Your S01 and Power Battery Pack locatables by GPS coordinates

        Remote ignition of your S01 and seat opening through the APP

        Know the status of your scooter and the Power Battery Pack in real time

        Access to historical usage information and trajectory

        Calculate the reduction of CO2 emissions that you have stopped emitting

        Share your S01
        via APP

        Share your scooter safely with whoever you want.
        Without key, only through your mobile phone.

        Available soon for:

        iOS android


        • 3,8’’ acceleration 0 – 50 km/h
        • Limited speed 100km/h
        • Motor 7.000W (11kW Peak Power)
        • SCHUKO: Charger integrated in the Battery Pack– 600W
        • Battery pack with 55 W heater (works with charger)
        • 3 driving modes and reverse gear
        • Weight without battery: 105 kg
        • Smartphone support as extra
        • Own electronics and BMS (Battery management system): Control of cells voltage, number of charges and discharges of the battery and temperature
        • Dimensions: 2000x705x1313 mm
        • Distance between axes: 1450 mm
        • Ground clearance: 177 mm
        • Wheels (front and rear): 120 / 70-15 // 140 / 70-14
        • Brakes (front and rear): Disc
        • Regenerative brake and CBS
        • Hydraulic Damping
        • LED lighting / Daytime running lights / Turn signals integrated in the body
        • Digital speedometer: Speed, Soc (State of charge), remaining km and temperatures


        RANGE Km / Usage
        with Battery Pack

        L1e (Moped)
        45 Km/h


        120 Km

        L3e (Motorcycle)
        100 Km/h


        100 Km

        European patent nº 2848456
        Removable trolley system “Fast&Easy”
        Aluminum Cooling Fins
        IP 54


        The Silence S01 electric scooters reduce fuel consumption by 80% compared to the same class 125cc petrol scooters.

        The drivers make an average of 5,000km a year on scooters, which represent an approximate annual cost of € 250 in petrol. In case of Silence S01, every 100 km means an electricity cost of € 0.60, reducing the annual cost of 5,000km to around € 30.

        At the maintenance level, a saving of 30% is estimated with respect to the combustion scooters. The exclusive launch offer includes free 3-year maintenance. After that period, the driver must pass an annual inspection or every 5,000km and the maintenance is reduced to brakes and wheels.


        Is the amount of the pre-booking deducted from the final price of S01? When and where do I pay the remaining amount?

        The € 600 paid for pre-booking value is on account of the final amount of the vehicle and will be deducted from the final price. There is an amount to be paid of € 5,395 that can be paid in cash at the time of collection at the point of sale. For European countries the cost of the scooter is 6.600€ VAT included and there will be an increase for shipping costs.

        When will I receive my S01?

        Silence team is making a great effort to put the S01 on the market. This is the first model of the brand for individuals. The delivery of the first 500 units will be completed during the first semester of 2019 following the strict order of formalization of the reservation.

        You will receive all the information of the delivery date of S01 at the email address with which you made the pre-reservation.

        Can I try the S01 model before?

        Those who have made the pre-booking can try the scooter exclusively before it goes on the market. The holder of the reservation will receive an invitation to set the test at the email address with which he made the pre-reservation. All driving tests will be done with departure from the Flagship store Silence in Barcelona, ​​which will open its doors at the beginning of 2019. It can not be tested before in any other location, except for certain events and fairs that may be carried out.

        Other models of the Silence brand can be tested in the Silence points of sale.

        Can I buy the S01 without a battery or with an extra battery?

        Model S01 is purchased with its own Power Battery Pack (PBP), which is removable and can be interchangeable by another. All PBPs are connected via Sigfox signal and any theft or loss could be tracked to locate them.

        In the case of wanting to acquire an extra battery you should make the request to Silence at

        After the pre-booking period is it possible to access the launch offer?

        The pre-booking offer will be valid until the 500 pre-reservations are completed and will cease to be effective with the market launch of S01.

        What functions come standard with the S01?

        The S01 is designed with high performance to offer a superior driving to the combustion, with a range of real 120km and an acceleration of 0-50km / h in 4 seconds. The S01 is equivalent to the 125cc class so it can be driven with a B car license. The serial features include free 3G mobile SIM – APP connectivity with geolocation functionalities, remote scooter opening and status reports; The S01 has three modes of driving and reversing, full LED lighting, free maintenance for 3 years and vehicle and battery warranty for 4 years. In addition to attractive extras as the hallmark for the first 500 units, free insurance for third parties the first year (only in Spain) and a helmet and Silence shirt.

        Is the pre-booking offer compatible with aid for the purchase of electric vehicles or possible incentives from the public administration?

        The pre-booking offer is compatible with any type of aid for the purchase of electric vehicles.
        In each locality there may be different incentives for the use of electric vehicles, which we recommend consulting with each municipality.

        Where will the delivery of my S01 be made?

        Delivery will take place at the nearest Silence Flagship Store. Silence has a network of exclusive stores of the brand in different parts of the Spanish geography. Currently in: Barcelona, ​​Girona, Mallorca, Granada and soon in Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Vigo, Gijón, Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona) and Valencia. In case of other countries, the delivery will be made by the Importer of each country.

        Where do I perform technical service and maintenance?

        In the same Flagship Stores Silence all technical service and maintenance will be carried out. In case that there is no Silence point of sale in your city, you will be referred to the technical service of the area.

        Can I trust in SILENCE?

        Silence is a Spanish company with manufacturing of both its scooters and its batteries Made in Barcelona, ​​offering maximum quality guarantees. The company has three reference partners, Caixa Capital Risc, Repsol and CDTI.

        In 2018 Silence is a sales leader in the L3e electric motorcycle market with 60% of the market share in Spain and more than 5,000 scooters on the streets. Since 2012 and up to the present time, the company has dedicated itself to the fleet sector with its S02 and S03 models for delivery, municipal, police and motosharings, with important national and international clients that guarantee the technological quality of the product.

        With the launch of the S01 Silence launches for private market, with a high-performance, accessible electric vehicle, thanks to its removable battery system.


        • Pre-booking offer valid for the first 500 pre-reservations for the whole year 2019 and only for the entire Spanish territory. For countries of the European Union the RRP is 6.600€ VAT included, plus shipping costs, and the offer is not available. Other countries consult with Silence.
        • Free insurance only for Spanish territory.
        • Free maintenance (only Spanish market) for 5,000km per year for 3 years or up to a total of 15,000km.


        Send us your questions and we will answer as soon as possible.